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About the Watershed


The Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District is a local government with boundaries based on the watersheds of Riley, Purgatory, and Bluff Creeks. It was established on July 31, 1969, by the Minnesota Water Resources Board acting under the authority of the Watershed Law. (Learn more about the organizational structure)

  • MANAGERS: Five managers govern the watershed district. Four managers are appointed by the Hennepin County Commissioners and one by the Carver County Commissioners. Each manager serves a three-year term. Governance manual & bylaws.
  • STAFF: The watershed employs six full-time staff members, and contracts with consultants for engineering and legal services.
  • TAC & CAC: The managers are advised by a technical advisory committee (TAC) and a citizens advisory committee (CAC). The TAC includes representatives of cities, counties, state and other agencies. The CAC is comprised of community volunteers who advise the board as representatives of citizen interests.  


When it rains, water that falls on the landscape follows a natural path to a waterbody. This area of land is the body’s watershed. Anything that happens within a watershed impacts the lake, creek, wetland, pond, or aquifer it feeds. Watershed districts are charged with protecting and improving our communities’ water resources. Districts partner with local communities to identify top priorities and plan, implement, and manage efforts, which protect and improve local water resources. They educate and engage residents, and the work they undertake benefits the quality and quantity of water in local, as well as downstream watersheds and communities.


The Watershed Management Plan is a document that guides all of the watershed district’s actions over a decade. It highlights how the district will monitor local water quality, the projects it will do, and how it will engage its community.

Explore the 2018 plan


Dick Ward, Eden Prairie (President)
Term Expires: July 2020

Dorothy Pedersen, Shorewood (Vice-president)
Term Expire: July 2020

Jill Crafton, Bloomington (Treasurer)
Term Expires: July 2021

Larry Koch, Chanhassen
Term Expires: July 2021

David Ziegler, Eden Prairie
Term Expires: July 2019



claire-bleser.jpgDr. Claire Bleser
District Administrator
Email Claire

Terry JefferyTerry Jeffery
Watershed Planning Manager
Email Terry

michelle-jordan.jpgMaya Swope
Education and Outreach Coordinator
Email Maya

josh-maxwell.jpgJosh Maxwell
Water Resources Coordinator
Email Josh

Zach DickhausenZach Dickhausen
Water Resources Technician II
Email Zach

BLauer web 2.jpgB Lauer
Education and Outreach Assistant
Email B

mat nicklay web.jpgMat Nicklay
Water Resources Assistant
Email Mat


Engineering Advisor

Scott Sobiech (Barr Engineering)
4700 West 77th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55345

Legal Advisor

Smith Partners PLLP 
400 Second Avenue South, Suite 1200
Minneapolis, MN 55401
612-344-1400 phone
612-344-1550 fax


Staff Liaison

Terry Jeffery 
Watershed Planning Manager

Committee members

Steve Christopher 
Board of Water & Soil Resources

Matt Lindon
Citizen Advisor

Paul Moline
Carver County

Mike Wanous
Carver County Soil & Water Conservation District

Steve Segar
City of Bloomington

Paul Oehme
City of Chanhassen

Matt Clark
City of Chaska

Robert Bean Jr.
City of Deephaven

Leslie Stovring/Dave Modrow
City of Eden Prairie

Tom Dietrich
City of Minnetonka

Bill Alms
City of Shorewood

Karen Gallas
Hennepin County

Linda Loomis
Lower Minnesota River Watershed District

Joe Mulcahy
Metropolitan Council

Jennie Skancke/Jason Spiegel
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Chris Zadak
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Melissa Jenny/Ryan Malterud
US Army Corps of Engineers


Minutes from the Citizen Advisory Committee's regular meetings can be found here when available.

Staff Liaison

Terry Jeffery 
Watershed Planning Manager

Committee members

Lori Tritz 

Sharon McCotter
Vice Chair

Anne Deuring

Jim Boettcher

Scott Bryan

Barry Hofer

Pete Iverson

Daryl Kirt

Dennis Kopfmann

Matt Lindon

Janet Neville

Joan Palmquist

Samir Penkar

Marilynn Torkelson