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Apr  2016


District getting ready to apply herbicide to kill aquatic invasive plants

The District is getting ready to apply herbicide to Lake Riley, Lake Susan, Red Rock Lake and Mitchell Lake in Eden Prairie and Chanahssen.  All four of these lakes have a plant management plan that have identified the need in controlling curlyleaf pondweed for all laes and eurasian watermilfoil in Lake Riley.  Curleyleaf pondweed is an invasive plant that grows during winter months outcompeting our native plants and dies off in the month of August which deteriorates the water quality in those lakes.

The District recommends that you do not use the water from these lakes for human or animal drinking , and irrigation within 7 days of application.

Below you will find updates on the treatment dates for these lakes along with approved DNR permits.

For more information, please contact Claire Bleser at cbleser@rpbcwd.org or call at 952.607.6512

 2016 Red Rock Lake CLP Permit

2016 Mitchell Lake CLP Permit

2016 Lake Susan CLP Permit

2016 Lake Riley CLP Permit

TREATMENT Scheduled for May 4th for Mitchell Lake and Lake Susan
                                        May 5th
for Lake Riley and Red Rock Lake


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