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Permits and Rules

The rules are a watershed-wide regulatory structure that ensures a consistent level of resource protection across the watershed as required by the Metropolitan Surface Water Management Act. The District developed rules for: floodplain management and drainage alterations, erosion and sediment control, wetland and creek buffers, dredging and sediment removal, shoreline and streambank stabilization, waterbody crossings and structures, appropriation of public surface waters, appropriation of groundwater, and stormwater management. 

These rules are effective as of January 1, 2015 and were adopted to protect the public's health and welfare as well as the natural resources of the District and are enforceable under Minnesota Statute.

Permits are due 30 business days prior to the board meeting.


A - Procedural requirements
B - Floodplain management and drainage alterations
C - Erosion and sediment control
D - Wetland and creek buffers
E - Dredging and sediment removal
F - Shoreline and streambank stabilization
G - Waterbody crossings and structures
H - Appropriation of public surface waters
I - Appropriation of groundwater
J - Stormwater management
K - Variances and exceptions
L - Permit fees
M - Financial assurances

[definitions and acronyms]

Supporting Documents

Rule guidance flow chart

Standard Erosion Control and Aquatic Invasive Species Notes for plan sheets
Final statement of need and reasonableness (SONAR)

Financial assurance schedule
Supporting resolutions
Permit fee schedule (effective Dec 16, 2015)
Letter of credit (template)
Performance bond (template)
Maintenance agreement - government (template)
Maintenance Declaration - private (template)
Escrow agreement (template)

Buffer sign

Atlas 14 nested Distributions

RPBCWD distributions summary

24 hour 2 year
24 hour 10 year
24 hour 100 year
Snowmelt 10 day 100 year

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Apply for a permit

Visit our permit application page to get started. If you need extra help understanding what rules and requirements apply to your project - check out our Permit Application Guide

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Permit Application Deadlines

Please submit complete applications by the following 2017 deadlines to be considered for the following Board Meeting.

January 17 for March 1

February 22 for April 5

March 22 for May 3

April 26 for June 7

May 22 for July 5

June 20 for August 2

July 25 for the Sept 6

August 28 for the October 3

Sept 20 for the November 1

Oct 24 for the December 6 

Nov 20 For the January 3,2018

Permit FAQs

Have questions about the rules?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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