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The Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District works with citizens, government bodies, and organizations to improve water quality and support the conservation ethic that has evolved over our 40-year history.

We believe restoring and protecting our waters is the highest priority, while respecting our local history and preserving our water heritage.

How can you help?

National Lake Month
Protect our waters by removing aquatic plants and water from your boat and trailer.

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  • Written about 14 days ago
    Do you have two minutes to help clean water? Please clean our storm drains. https://t.co/IcEve0MR6O via @RPBCWD
  • Written about 3 weeks ago
    This is why #sedimentcontrol is important 4 all projects without it sediment would have polluted our creek! https://t.co/A58xqm6vq0 via @RPBCWD
  • Written about 3 weeks ago
    Staff hand pulled Eurasian Water-milfoil on Staring Lake today in hopes of eradicating this… https://t.co/PI8KRGx9pt via @RPBCWD