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Contact Alaina:


📞 952-687-1018

Alaina Portoghese

Communications Specialist

Alaina joined the District in 2022 as an AmeriCorp member specializing in green infrastructure prior to joining the team as a full-time Communications Specialist. She develops GIS maps to analyze and visualize data, and communicate information with the public. She also develops graphics that are used for outreach and events. Alaina has a BS in Environmental Science from the University of Denver with minors in Geography and GIS.

Alaina's favorite part of her job is working with and learning from the talented team of people here at the district. It is always fun to help someone out with a task and learn something new along the way. She also enjoy making nice-looking, practical maps! In her free time, Alaina enjoys canoeing, backpacking, knitting, and reading a good book.

Alaina's favorite spot in the District:

Scenic Heights School Forest because there are so many different native plants and insects. There are always bees buzzing around, and I have seen two hummingbird moths there.