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Annual reporting


The watershed district's annual report is a summary of what happened the past year. It includes information on watershed finances and projects, and plans for the upcoming year. The annual report is a statutory requirement (103D.351) and is also a great tool for sharing our work with our communities.

The district also creates and distributes an annual communication. This publication contains general watershed district information, highlights from the year, and ways that the community can engage in the district’s work. It's like a summary of the annual report. 

Annual Reports


2022 Annual Report

The annual report describes the district’s accomplishments toward fulfilling its 2022 work plan. To reduce file size, the appendix of the annual report is available separately immediately below the annual report link.

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Download the Appendix for the 2022 Annual Report.

Want full report with appendix (39 MB)? Click here.


2022 Water Resources Report

A summary and analysis of the water quality sampling season.

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2023 Annual Communication

The Annual Communication is a quick summary of the last year, including an excerpt from the Administrator and project highlights.

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2022 Annual Financial Report

An overview and analysis of the financial activities of the District for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2022.

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