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Governance overview

What is a watershed District?

A watershed district is a local, special-purpose unit of government established to solve and prevent water-related issues. There are 42 watershed districts in Minnesota. Watershed districts are:

Our District

The Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District (RPBCWD) has boundaries based on the watersheds of Riley, Purgatory, and Bluff creeks. The District was established on July 31, 1969, by the Minnesota Water Resources Board acting under authority of the Watershed Law. Learn more about the history of the RPBCWD.

Five Board of Managers govern the District with policies, procedures and bylaws established by the Governance Manual. General operations of the district are performed by professional staff led by an administrator. Managers are advised by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).

The RPBCWD Board of Managers maintains three subcommitees, each made up of two board managers who in turn provide recommendations to the full board. The Governance Committee oversees additions and changes to RPBCWD's governance manual and currently meets on a monthly basis. The Personnel Committee meets as needed to discuss personnel matters such as staffing needs and benefits. The Audit and Finance Committee meets as needed to discuss financial policies or the annual audit process.

Other Resources

A list of organizations related to administration of the District.

AdminIstrative Documents


Governance Manual

Establishes District policies, procedures, and instructions for management of activities & accounts; recordkeeping; and separation of duties of staff and contractors


Annual Report

Summarizes what happened the previous year including information on watershed finances, projects, and future plans


10-Year Watershed Management Plan

Summarizes goals, strategies, and activities necessary to accomplish the district mission


Financial Statements

Looking for RPBCWD's financial statements? Click here to find the annual audit report and the monthly treasurer's reports.

Administrative Events