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Wetland buffer

The Benefits of Buffers

A wetland buffer is a naturally vegetated areas that serves as a transition zone between upland areas and wetlands. A buffer of natural vegetation around a wetland provides many benefits to people, wildlife, and the environment as a whole. Not only does the buffer protect the water quality of the wetland, it also protects the water quailty of associated lakes, streams, and groundwater. Who doesn't like clean water for drinking and swimming?

Beyond water quality, wetlands and their buffers provide many ecosystem services including absorbtion of floodwaters, removal of heavy metals and other pollutants from soil and water, and providing many layers of wildlife habitat. Wetland areas also provide recreational opportunities including fishing and birdwatching.


Bigger is Better

Any size of wetland buffer is helpful, but a buffer of 50 feet or wider provides the greatest benefit. Consider adding native wildflowers, grasses and shrubs to boost your wetland buffer! RPBCWD offers cost share grants for native plants and more!


District Rules

Read the rules regarding wetland buffers and more.

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Learn about natural shorelines

A natural shoreline is a buffer that protects wetland, lakes, and streams.

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