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Shoreline permit

Contact us before you do shoreline work

For lakes and wetlands, a permit is needed for most work that occurs below the Ordinary High-Water Line (OHWL) or the 100-year Flood Elevation.  Typically the OHWL is located where aquatic vegetation changes to predominantly terrestrial or upland vegetation, but this isn't always the case. The 100-year Floodplain Elevation is a set elevation for each lake.

For information about the OHWL or 100-year Flood Elevation of a lake, please contact RPBCWD or the Minnesota DNR.

Illustration of a shoreline showing the ordinary high water level and 100-year flood elevation locations.

Shoreline Activities that require a permit

Below is sample of shoreline work that requires a permit. This list is NOT all inclusive. Contact RPBCWD to see if your proposed project requires a permit.

  • Adding riprap, rocks, landscaping blocks, or other hardscaping
  • Adding a beach (sand blanket)
  • Disturbing soils (grading, excavating, adding soil, dredging, etc.)
  • Building or expanding a structure such as a building or bridge
  • Clearing upland/terrestrial vegetation near and along the shoreline.
  • Control of most native aquatic plants (Minnesota DNR permit).

100-year Flood Elevations

District lakes 100 yr flood elevations.png

Every major lake within the watershed district has a set 100-year flood elevation. Download a ​​​​​​map of the major lake 100-year flood elevations or see the table below.


Ann 957.63
Duck 916.16
Hyland 819.55
Idlewild 856.55
Lotus 897.46
Lucy 957.86
Mitchell 872.05
Neill 812.02
Purgatory Creek Recreation Area 825.78
Red Rock 840.99
Riley 866.24
Rice Marsh 877.77
Round 883.83
Silver 900.67
Staring 818.04



Flood Maps

Use the FEMA Flood Map Service Center to find a flood map.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources - Permitting


Mat Nicklay

952-607-6512 ext. 2


District Rules & Permits

RPBCWD has its own rules, separate from county and city rules and ordinances. Learn about rules and how to apply for a permit.

Learn more

The Minnesota DNR regulates aquatic plants including their removal. Visit their Aquatic Plant Management Program webpage for more information including if you need an aquatic plant permit.


AIS Control

RPBCWD chemically treats some lakes to control aquatic invasive species (AIS) including Curlyleaf Pondweed and Eurasian Watermilfoil. Click the link below to learn about the treatment schedule for the current year.

Learn more

Apply for a Natural Shoreline Restoration Grant

RPBCWD offers generous cost-share grants for shoreline restorations! Residential property owners can get up to 75% of cost up to $5,000. Other property owner types are also eligible.

Learn more about grants

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