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Contact Eleanor:


📞 952-607-6512 ext. 6

Eleanor Mahon

Education & Outreach Coordinator

Eleanor joined the District in 2021. She coordinates the various aspects of the District's Education & Outreach program, including working with local schools on clean water lessons, planning community events and workshops, and updating the website and social media accounts. She has a BS in Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, and worked with environmental nonprofits prior to joining the District. She currently serves on the board of directors of the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society.

Eleanor's favorite part of her job is getting to work with such great people everyday. Everyone is passionate about their work and always willing to step in and help where needed. She also loves getting out of the office, whether it's to visit an elementary classroom, chat with community members at a tabling event, or get out on the water to assist the data collections team. In her free time, she enjoys kayaking, traveling and finding new hiking trails to tire out her border collie.

Eleanor's favorite spot in the District:

I always love visiting Lake Ann. The clean water and undeveloped shoreline make it a very relaxing place for a lunchtime stroll.