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Professional Maintenance Support

Depending on benefit to water quality or wildlife habitat, some projects are offered professional maintenance for the first three years following installation.


Not all projects qualify for professional maintenance support for the first three years following project installation. The decision to award professional maintenance is based on a number of factors including size of project, level of benefit to water quality and/or habitat, and maintenance complexity needed for a successful project.



Frequently Asked Questions


How do I know if I've received professional maintenance support for my Watershed Stewardship Grant project?

You will have been offered support professional maintenance support when the original grant offer was made. Details about the total amount of support in total for three years would be listed in your signed grant agreement. The award for professional maintenance is based on a percentage of the installation grant.


When do I receive the professional maintenance reimbursement?

The funds are awarded once per year following completion and payment of professional maintenance for the year.

You may submit all receipts for the year at once, or, if your professional maintenance occurs over several visits in a year with separate invoices, you may forward receipts to the grant coordinator as you receive them. The grant coordinator will save the receipts in your file until you've notified them that professional maintenance has been completed for the year.


What do I need to submit in order to get the reimbursement?

You will need to submit an itemized invoice from the professional hired to perform the maintenance. The invoice should clearly state the maintenance tasks performed on your project (if tasks are not clearly stated on invoice, please include a description by email).

Also, if the invoice is NOT marked as paid in full (zero balance) then you will also need to submit proof that you have paid the invoice.


To whom should I submit my reimbursement request?

Please send an email to Liz Forbes with copies of your invoices/receipts for professional maintenance.


Questions? Email or call 952-607-6481 Liz Forbes.