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Project Report

Is your project complete? You need to submit a project report to begin the reimbursement review process. Once you submit the report, the grant coordinator will review your receipts and other report materials. We'll also schedule a project inspection with you.

Here's what you'll need to include with your projection completion report (you can use the form below to submit all of these):

  • Itemized costs and total cost
  • Copy of receipt(s) that show vendor information, date of purchase/service, and list of items and their cost. If receipt isn't itemized, please provide an invoice that aligns with the receipt. Please note that an invoice is not a receipt unless it's marked paid in full or shows payments with resulting in a zero balance due.
  • If in-kind contributions was part of your application/cost-share agreement, submit a list of in-kind labor hours per person or other in-kind contributions.
  • Photographs of completed project that show a good overview of your project
  • Written project description (how did it go, what did you learn, how do you plan to maintain the project site, etc.)

If everything in your report looks good and the project inspection goes well, you will be reimbused for eligible costs up to your maximum grant award. Grant funds are reimbursed by a check mailed to your address unless you indicate you'd prefer to pick the check up from our office.

Reimbursement timing: The timing or grant reimbursement depends upon when the grantee submits their project completion report in relationship to the District's monthly board meeting. The grant coordinator needs time to review and approve a project completion report before submitting a payment request for consideration at the monthly board meeting. In order to get on the board meeting agenda, payment requests must be submitted one week before the board of managers meeting. Because of this timing, it will take 2 to 6 weeks before a grantee receives their reimbursement check.