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  • Term expires July 2025
  • Appointed by Hennepin County
  • Resident of Minnetonka

Tom Duevel

Vice President

How long have you lived in the watershed district?

I have lived in the district about 5 years in December. I’ve lived in Minnetonka for over 20 years. 

Why were you interested in becoming a manager? 

I had been looking for options in which to work at the local level in some meaningful way for quite some time. I was looking for something that could produce some tangible results to make the world a better place in some measurable way.

What is your background?

Now retired after a career in business, accounting, finance and energy in different locations around the world it seemed like a good fit in becoming a watershed manager. I have many good life’s (and other) experiences with which to fall back on in dealing with the many different but related opportunities facing the watershed. The watershed goals in partnering with local communities to identify, plan, implement and manage efforts to protect and improve the waters within our boundaries gets at the heart of many challenges we all face. 

I’ve a Bachelor of Science degree in business with an accounting major from The Carlson School of Business, University of Minnesota. I’ve worked in private and public accounting as a CPA. I’ve worked in the energy sector (electric and gas) for about 30 years in 22 countries. 

What is your favorite outdoor spot in the District?

I’ve two favorite spots in the watershed, Purgatory Park and The Edenbrook Conservation Area. These spots are close to home and provide great walking and photography locations year-round with snow, ice, and snowshoes in the winter and great hiking trails for all the other seasons. 

What is your favorite outdoor activity? 

Bike riding and walking with cameras in hand.