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Lake Lucy Spent Lime Treatment

About the project


Around Lake Lucy

Project Description

Lake Susan was listed in 2010 as an impaired water body for nutrients by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  As a result in 2013, the District conducted a Use Attainability Analysis in 2013 to understand the current water quality and the relative contributions of the various sources of phosphorus (nutrient) in Lake Susan.  The Lake Susan watershed loading analysis determined that the largest phosphorus load comes from the north subwatershed where there are several developed subwatersheds with no treatment of stormwater prior to discharging into Riley Creek.  The south subwatershed is partially developed, but through monitoring has shown high concentrations of phosphorus in the wetland prior to discharging into Lake Susan, indicating there is a potential that it is a source of phosphorus

District will be treating the wetland through the installation of a weir that forces water through an iron sand filtration system before entering Lake Susan.  The proposed project would install two rows of sheet pile with a layer of iron sand filings located between two rows of sheet piles.  The project will establish a permanent pool elevation of 882.5ft in the wetland basin prior to discharging to Lake Susan.  This would provide additional settling prior to discharging to Lake Susan.

Project Updates

There are no updates yet on this project.