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Board Meeting Minutes

Archive of signed meeting minutes

Minutes of each board meeting are posted in the folders below after they are accepted by the Board of Managers and signed by the Secretary. [Meeting minutes can also be found attached to the corresponding meeting dropdown on] Physical copies of the meeting minutes are also available at the district office for public viewing.

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon 20240110_Final minutes_signed.pdf 20240110_Final_minutes_signed.pdf 2/12/24 798.41 KB
PDF file icon 20240125_Final minutes signed.pdf 20240125_Final_minutes_signed.pdf 2/12/24 361.59 KB
PDF file icon 20240207_Final minutes_signed.pdf 20240207_Final_minutes_signed.pdf 3/29/24 1,267.69 KB
PDF file icon 20240313_Final minutes_signed.pdf 20240313_Final_minutes_signed.pdf 4/30/24 810.70 KB
PDF file icon 20240326_Final minutes_signed.pdf 20240326_Final_minutes_signed.pdf 4/30/24 468.93 KB
PDF file icon 20240328_Final minutes_signed.pdf 20240328_Final_minutes_signed.pdf 4/30/24 233.18 KB
PDF file icon 20240508_Final minutes_signed.pdf 20240508_Final_minutes_signed.pdf 6/11/24 842.21 KB
PDF file icon July 2024 Final Meeting Minutes 20240715083144346.pdf 7/15/24 598.80 KB

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