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Action Grants

Small, simple grants

for community projects to protect clean water

Want to start a clean water education campaign? Plant native flowers in your yard? Hold a community clean-up? Get up to $250 and resources to help you make your project a reality.

The catch? You can't do it alone! In order to get a grant, you have to find at least one other person to join your team. Want to install a free seed library? See if your neighbor has seeds to share. Those native plants? Invite friends over to help you plant them. 


There is no deadline. Apply at any time. Applications accepted while funds last. 
(2024 Action Grant budget = $5000)


Contact Eleanor at:

  • Who can apply: residents, students*, local businesses, groups and troops
  • You need a team to apply (at least one person, but we hope more!)
  • Projects must take place within the watershed district
  • Projects must have a water resources component
  • You are eligible for one grant per year

Read the full program description here.
*If you are a minor, a project supervisor (parent or teacher) needs to fill out the application.

  • Amount: up to $250
  • Grants are awarded as a rebate for purchases made
  • A project report and receipts must be provided for refund to be issued
Before you apply
  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Assemble your team
  3. Apply online
If your project is approved
  1. Buy your materials and do your project
  2. Keep your receipts and take lots of photos
  3. Have fun!
After your project
  1. Submit the project reimbursement form online
  2. Send in copies of all your receipts
  3. A reimbursement check will come in the mail


Come up with an idea, assemble your team, and apply online!

Apply now

Project reimbursement

Submit the project reimbursement form online

Get reimbursed

Project ideas

Below are a few project ideas to kick-start your creativity, but you're not limited to these. We're excited to see what you come up with! 

Host a clean-up

Get your friends or neighbors together to clean up trash at a local lake, creek, or wetland. Use grant money to promote your event, and purchase gloves, trashbags, and snacks for your volunteers.

Plant native flowers

Native plants provide habitat, help more rain soak into the ground, and require less watering. Have some friends over to help you plant a native garden. Use funds for the plants, mulch, and maybe some lemonade!

Install a Little Seed Library

Share the benefits of native plants with your neighbors by hosting a Little Seed Library in your front yard. Invite a neighbor to help install it and stock it with seeds!